Equatorial Restaurant (KK) @Tanjung Aru Plaza

Date visited: 13th September

Tonight my parents are going to bring my girlfriend and I out for dinner. As it was a Monday, a lot of nice places to eat does not open because they have had a long and busy Sunday. So we decided to go this Equatorial Restaurant at Tanjung Aru Plaza, in my opinion it’s one of the nicer Chinese restaurants available in KK. Before leaving the house, we made a call to confirm the availability and booked a table for 4 at the same time.

There weren’t a lot of patrons and the restaurant was only half full. We have ordered 4 dishes because that is just enough for the four of us. Firstly, the following is a must try dish if you ever come to this restaurant, I give you the Crystal Prawns.
Crystal Prawn
Crystal Prawn (S) -RM23.00 (around £5)
Most of the dishes served in this restaurant has a variation of Small, Medium and Large for the size of their dishes, this is definitely a good idea if they want to cater for more people with the same dish.
As for the dish, do not think of it as the typical prawns with mayonnaise served in Chinese restaurants, this is much more than that. The sauce used in this dish is really special, I am guessing it’s a mixture of mayonnaise and a bit of peanut butter (i might be wrong), not forgetting the slight taste of lemon as well. Unfortunately, I thought tonight’s prawn wasn’t deep fried to perfection like usual, but it’s just me being precise because this is a food-blog after all.

Fan Shu Miao
Fan Shu Miao (番薯苗) with Belachan (Spicy Malaysian Paste) (S) – RM10 (around £2) x2
This was the least looked forward dish, but it turned out to be the best dish of the night and the cheapest one as well. The vegetable was just sweet, crunchy and blend in perfectly with the taste of belachan which wasn’t spicy to an extend of covering the veggie taste. It was so nice that my mom (who is a light eater) suggested to order another exact same dish so we actually had 2 of these.

Pig Knuckle
Golden Pig Knuckle – RM40 (around £8)
This Pig Knuckle is the one of the restaurant’s specialty dish according to the Menu, it was served as the picture shows initially and then the waitress would skilfully use a knife to debone it and cut the pork knuckle to slices. The pig knuckle was juicy and fat, the skin was crispy as well. Unfortunately, the taste could have been stronger moreover it was a bit too oily so I couldn’t bear myself to eat much of it. The sauce that came with it is just sweet n slightly spicy sauce, so nothing to shout home about.

Sweet and Sour Fish – RM20 (around £4)
This was definitely a disappointment, I was expecting a lot more because they serve a lot other decent dishes. Literally, the sweet and sour sauce didn’t taste nice at all and the fish seemed to have been left cool for a while after deep fried before adding the sauce inside, it tasted a bit hard somehow.

Other than the dishes that we ordered, they specialise in cooking crocodile meat as well, I know this might sound crazy to some people but crocodile meat is actually really nice if cooked properly. Crocodile meat itself have a bad smell but if cooked in the right way, it would taste like a luxury dish. I have personally tried it once at this very same restaurant and I can just tell you the texture and taste of the meat is like a very tender beef.

The total damage for this meal was RM127, not bad considering it was for 4 people and we had 5 dishes that includes prawns and a big pork knuckle.

Overall, the ratings I give for this restaurant are as follows:-
Food: 8/10
Cleanliness: 9/10
Value: 8/10

Details of the restaurant:-
Address: Block C Lot 6,7,8 Ground Floor, Tanjung Aru Plaza, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: 088-313399,313166


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