Yoyo Cafe @Lintas Branch

After the heavy seafood meal at New Gaya Seafood Restaurant, my girlfriend and I decided to take a walk at City Mall to digest large amount of food taken in, but it didn’t take long until we decided to get dessert, so I brought her to Yoyo Cafe at Lintas  Plaza because it offers the best Pearl Milky Tea you can get in Kota Kinabalu, as well as some other drinks as well.

This is their signboard of the shop with the second ‘O’ word taking the shape of a real yo-yo.

We arrived around 10pm and there were quite a lot of patrons as usual as this is quite a common hang out place for youngsters to chit-chat as well as having non-alcoholic drinks.

So we went ahead and ordered our drinks/dessert.
Pearl Tea
Milky Tea with Mini Pearls – RM3.30 (around £0.70)

This is the signature drink of Yoyo Cafe, normally with bigger ‘pearls’ but my girlfriend prefers smaller ones. What differentiates the Milky Pearl Tea of Yoyo Cafe from others is definitely the quality of the ‘pearl’ used. Unlike other places, the ‘pearl’ in Yoyo Cafe has a light sweet taste to it as if it was boiled in syrup water beforehand. Together with their Milk Tea which has a significant aromatic taste, becomes a perfect complement as a drink. Other than the ‘pearl’, you can also have coconut cubes, pudding, glass jelly to go with the Milk Tea, they all taste good so it’s up to your own personal preferences.

Snow Ice
Strawberry Snow Ice – RM3.50 (around £0.70)

Other than drinks, the Snow Ice offered by Yoyo Cafe is also very nice, it is made of ice but the taste of it is really smooth and it makes you feel as if you’re eating ice cream, together with the Strawberry syrup, becomes a dessert that a lot of girls crave for! One thing about the Strawberry syrup is that it could be a bit too sweet if it isn’t mixed well with the Snow Ice.

The ratings I give for Yoyo Cafe are as follows:-
Drinks/Dessert: 9/10
Value: 9/10
Cleanliness: 7.5/10

Date of visit: 12th September
Opening Hours: Daily 10.30am – 11.00pm
Address: Shop 32-0 & 32-1, Lot 92-GF & 92-FF, Lorong Lintas Plaza, Phase 2C Lintas Plaza, 88300 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Tel: +6088-317166


About eugenechiu

I have a passion to taste all kinds of new food. Again, that is what my blogging would be emphasized on. The way I blog and rate my food would be somewhat different from any other food bloggers you may have come across, if you want to know how does it differ, do follow my blog! =)
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5 Responses to Yoyo Cafe @Lintas Branch

  1. Christopher Lui says:

    I love pearl milky tea and I am satisfied with what I have got here in HK. But surely the “special” pearl mentioned above seems worth a try. Would prefer you to recommend more desserts from the above cafe but it is too much an ask for merely a visit to a cafe lol

    Really nice effort. This would be my source in knowing more Malay food before I could afford a visit to Kota Kinabalu.

    • eugenechiu says:

      Hmm.. Not sure how Hk one tastes like.. But this one is really worth a try if you ever come to KK.. Chris you’ve known me long enough to know these are called Malaysian food haha.. Hmm I could try to take pics of the menu in the coming blog entries! Just hope I could maintain this cause it’s really a lot of work..

  2. Ah Lut says:

    OMG Eugene!! Why yoyo!! I’m craving for it soooo much now!!! >.<
    And I didn't know that they're second O is actually a yoyo! That's really cute XD

    My personal fav: iced choc with pearl
    My bro's fav: choc milk tea with pudding
    My mum's fav: YOYO mix

    For the Snow Ice, I actually think that what they had a few years back was better. I remember it resembled ice-cream (creamier?) more than their current one.

    I also used to eat their tuna rolls? Those were yum!

    • eugenechiu says:

      Hmm yea snow ice, the one I ate was ok lar.. Still tasted like ice cream somehow.. You mean the tuna cheese toast? That one is awesome haha.. I also just noticed the yoyo when I was looking at the picture I took haha..

  3. Teewai says:

    YES i never notice that the 2nd O is a yoyo O___o. quite shocking about the fact that i never notice

    and ah lut is right!! the snow ice before was nicer. dont know why. maybe it just taste better during tuition? i dont know =P

    gin ya ma kai ngin du hii yoyo hoi. aunty aunty uncle uncle du you . too crowded!!

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